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Natural Sea Sponge


Size: Start’s from 7 cm
Use: General Use, Industrial Use, Bath & Shower, Body cleansing, Painting

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Sea sponges are the most natural and healthy way to cleanse and care for the skin.

The Natural Sea Sponge protects baby’s delicate skin and is suitable for all ages. The sponges have been carefully chosen to be the perfect hand-held size for washing, are as soft as silk when wet, and have a smooth surface. That’s why the experts agree that fine-pored silk sponges are the best choice in natural sponges for infants and young children. These super absorbent sponges make baby bathing easy by eliminating the need for a cup and both hands when rinsing and hair washing.

The natural sponge creates a beautiful lather quickly with every type of soap, both liquid and bar.It is sure to become a family favorite because toddlers and children love to wash themselves with the softest sponge on the planet! Adults will find that the natural sponge makes a wonderful facial and cosmetic sponge as well.

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