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Mastic Gum ELMA Sugar free


Package: 10 pieces/tablets per blister

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Elma SUGAR FREE Chewing gum with natural Chios gum mastic.
Without sugar.

ELMA chewing gum has always been the most emblematic mastiha product. Being a synonym of authenticity, it withstood time by signalising a respect for tradition and the values of the original Greek Mastiha (or ELliniki MAstiha).

Ten packs of the delicious and healthy Elma Sugar-Free Mastic Gum.Each pack contains ten pieces of gum. The Chios gum mastic (mastiha) is the main ingredient of Elma. Mastiha is a natural resin,known since Antiquity to the people of Eastern Mediterranean countries,who chewed it to clean their teeth and sweeten their breath.It was the very first natural chewing gum of the ancient world.Chios gum mastic and mastic oil have a strong anti-microbial action and prevent dental plaque formation.

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